I have been intrigued by Lee Lozano's dialogue piece (1969) since I first learned of it about a decade ago. This past winter I decided to do my own version of it. I arranged conversations with 53 female artists of my acquaintance and made abstract drawings while we were talking. Some of my conferees also drew during our dialogue. What you see here are 17 of my dialogue drawings, the residue of conversations that have only been recorded in the memories of the participants. The entire set, plus 16 drawings made by my conferees, will be shown at Rose Contemporary in Portland, Maine during November 2012.

Sagaree Sengupta

Kathryn Davis

Amy Stacey Curtis

Grace DeGennaro

Liz Hoag

Lauren Fensterstock

Chris Beneman

Lisa Pixley

Kim Bernard

Barbara Sullivan

Andrea Sulzer

Vernonica Cross

Claire Seidl

MaJo Keleshian

Shannon Rankin

Nancy Manter

Avy Claire

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